Show me Pink

Think of something sweet, pretty and feminine, then show me pink! From a wisp of cotton candy to the deepest magenta, pink packs a powerful emotional punch.

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Pretty in Pink

Pink is traditionally a feminine, comforting color, and depending on the shade, it can be highly sexual and seductive too! Women in particular are drawn to its nurturing qualities, but with hot tropical shades like magenta, men are slowly warming to its appeal.

Pink at a Glance

romantic, soft, nurturing, passionate, intimate, warm, friendly, feminine, loving, sexual, uninhibited, saucy, passive, emotional, emasculating, draining, shocking...

Pink is the color of optimism and has the power to create an upbeat frame of mind. It can injects a sense of fun, romance and happiness on the one hand; on the other it encourages deep rest and serenity.

Sweet Shades

  •  Fairy floss shades look good enough to eat.
  •  Deeper shades of raspberry, magenta and fuschia are fabulous and add a vibrant streak to any subject. Magenta in particular has the temper of a tropical color and shows off beautifully against lush greens.
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