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'For as long as I can remember I have felt deep pleasure by the beauty that surrounds me. I believe that a photo should tell a story. It can both transport and propel you. It can give you a deep sense of connection.'

How do you want to remember the unique story of your life?

A moment of sheer beauty
Genuine laughter
An intimate glance
A delicious surprise
Overwhelming love
Blissful happiness
A stolen kiss
A day of celebrations...

Do you remember those precious fleeting moments?

At basic-photography-tips you can learn to take stunning photos that will preserve those memories for a lifetime.

Whether you want to pursue digital photography as a hobby or a career, these basic photography tips will help you develop the necessary skills to create breath-taking photos.

The ability to take stunning photographs is a skill that, once learnt, can make all your images come to life - whether they're portraits, landscapes, abstracts, macro or anything else.

On this site you will learn how to add dynamism and flow to your photographs. And the best news? All these digital photography tips and techniques are quick and easy to learn. You will be off and shooting in a jiffy...

Make sure to browse the free photography tutorials section and get samples of stunning images in my growing photography galleries. I would also love for you to share your photos and feedback in my comment sections through-out the site.


Mia Rose


Basic Photography Tips: Have Camera, Be Ready!
A collection of the best basic photography tips on the web!
About Mia Rose
About Mia Rose: Welcome to Basic Photography Tips!
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